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2024 STEN Gun GBB, MK.2(S), Skeleton Stock

2024 STEN Gun GBB, MK.2(S), Skeleton Stock

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  • NE-SMG-04
  • GBB Replica / STEN Machine Carbine GBB Replica
  • Weight 3.78 kg / Volumetric Weight 16500 cm3
  • MATERIAL:Steel、Aluminium and Plastic
  • COLOUR:Parkerized
  • UNIT:pcs

Magazine Capacity: 32
Length: 940mm
Barrel Length: 330mm
Weight: 3780g
System: Open Bolt Gas Blowback, Semi/ Full Auto, TM Spec Hop-Up
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Manual

1. Classic parkerized surface process
2. MK. 5 Cocking handle provides breech block safety. When the breech block is at the forward position, the MK. 5 cocking handle can be pushed down to fix it with receiver tube. It can prevent accidentally shootings from dropping.
3. No. 3 Mk. 1 “Skeleton” Stock. It is tougher, more comfortable and a typical icon of STEN gun. It can be seen in most field pictures of the Vietnam war.
4. The magazine housing marking is “STEN MK IIS” on the top and “E&CO”(magazine housing maker), and“B340553”(Assembly in BSA Gun Ltd) are underneath.
5. Cover and protective cord are included and assembled.
6. Cover made by the repro British army webbing fabric.

1. Classic Parkerized surface process used throughout.

2. Mk.5 cocking handle provides breach block safety. When the breech block is at the foward position, the cocking handle can be slotted into a notch in the receiver tube, making the weapon safe. This prevented the real STEN from accidentally firing a round when dropped.

3. Includes the No.3 Mk.1 "Skeleton" or "Loop" stock. More comfortable and tougher than the simple "T" stocks of early Mk.2 STENs, it adds to the iconic look of the STEN. This version can also be seen in most field pictures from the Vietnam War.

4. Carries authentic markings: "STEN MK IIS" is stamped on the top side of the magazine housing. On the underside, the magazine housing is stamped "E&CO" (Elkington & Co, a STEN subcontracted manufacturer) and "B340553" (identifier for the weapon being manufactured and assembled by the Birmingham Small Arms Company.)

5. Includes protective cover and cord ready assembled. This cover was used to protect the hands from the integral suppressor, which could heat up very quickly with sustained firing. One of the definitive markers of a suppressed STEN.

6. Cover is made from reproduction British Army canvas/webbing fabric.

This is our airsoft replica of the venerable STEN MK.2(S), the most widely used integrally suppressed submachine gun in the 20th century, before the introduction of the MP5SD. The suppressed STEN has been used in British Commando operations in Scandinavia in WW2, to MACV-SOG recon missions in Cambodia in the '60s, and even wielded by Taiwanese frogmen in the 80's. The STEN MK.2(S) is regarded as a classic icon of "old school" special operations, and will make a excellent, sneaky addition to your arsenal.
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