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Northeast Manufacturer 東北製作所

STEN Gun GBB, MK.2, Long Branch, T-Stock

STEN Gun GBB, MK.2, Long Branch, T-Stock

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  • NE-SMG-07
  • GBB Replica / STEN Machine Carbine GBB Replica
  • Weight 3.22 kg / Volumetric Weight 14800 cm3
  • MATERIAL:Steel, Aluminium and Plastic
  • COLOUR:Parkerized
  • UNIT:pcs

Length: 760mm
Weight: 3220g
Inner Barrel: 180mm
Mode: Full Auto/Semi, safety.
Gas: Green Gas
Hopup: Adjustable

1.Full steel structure (excludes breech block, its aluminum alloy.) with Manganese phosphate coating
2. Realistic marking, structure and manufacturing
3. Lightweight breech block made by aluminum alloy, provides strong kick, to simulates the physical experience of firearms
4. Authentic stamping marks imitates wartime craftsmanship to endow with ornamental value
5. Bolt hold open and cross bolt safety ensure gun can be transported without accidental discharge
6. 32 round stick magazine with design features that prevents over gassing despite sideways firing action
7. Field strips realistically and can be stored very compactly if needed
8. TM-spec hop up for parts compatibility

Since 1941 there had been a Canadian version of the STEN Gun produced at the Long Branch Arsenal in Long Branch, Ontario. It was similar to the British-made Mk. 2, component parts are interchangeable, but better production quality, smoother edges and better tolerances. The couple identical features of Canadian made STEN are using Spot welding, instead of Arc welding and the welding trace on the magazine housing is polished, like the STEN Mk.5.

The total number of production was estimated to be about 150,000 STENs, and was distributed to the Canadian forces, British forces, USSR, the Republic of China, Free French forces, and others.
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