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STEN Gun GBB, Commando Grip, SOE Welsilencer

STEN Gun GBB, Commando Grip, SOE Welsilencer

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  • NE-SMG-12
  • GBB Replica / STEN Machine Carbine GBB Replica
  • Weight 3.1 kg / Volumetric Weight 14800 cm3
  • MATERIAL:Steel、Aluminium and Plastic
  • COLOUR:Blued
  • UNIT:pcs

Name: STEN Submachine Gun GBB, Commando Grip, SOE Welsilencer
*Accuracy improved
Length: 730mm
Weight: 3,100g
Magazine Capacity: 32 rounds of 6mm BB
Fire Model: Semi and Fully automatic
A little history about the importance of this special variation of the Mk.II STEN gun: The Mk.2 (S) Sten was produced in 1944 when the SOE - Special Operations Executive put in a request for a high firepower, silenced sub-machine gun that they required for clandestine missions. The improved sound reduction cylinder is called Welsilencer, the initial "Wel" refers to SOE's workshop in Welwyn (now Welwyn Garden City), which is dedicated to SOE's ninth branch for the production of special weapons and equipment. As a signature of products developed and designed here, the initials "Wel" would be added as a prefix of the name. For example, "Wel "rod (Welrod pistol) for sound reduction pistols and "Wel "bike (Welbike) for paratrooper folding motorcycles.

This configuration for the BSA assembly of the STEN Mk. 2 submachine gun modified Welsilencer and the installation of a steel 'wire' Commando Grip, no shoulder butt, increased sound reduction submachine gun was a special operatives favourite during the WW2 and well into the Vietnam war era.
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