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Northeast Manufacturer 東北製作所

Maschinenpistole, UZI 50, CO2, GBB

Maschinenpistole, UZI 50, CO2, GBB

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Length : 640mm (stock assembled)
Weight : 3,390g
Caliber : 6mm Plastic BB
Magazine Capactiy : 32 rounds
Fire Control: Semi/ Fully Automatic
Hop Up: Adjustable, Universal
Power Source : CO2 Cartrdige
Material: Steel, Aluminium and Plastic
Surface Process: Parkerized and Painting

The Peerless Hebrew Blade

In the 1950s, just a few years after its founding, Israel was in a precarious situation, threatened by Middle Eastern powers from the outside and undermined by Palestinian Fedayeen from the inside. Consequently, the Israeli military urgently needed a submachine gun with a low failure rate, easy maintenance, and rapid production capability. Against this backdrop, the UZI submachine gun designed by Uziel Gal came into being, officially adopted in 1951 and mass-produced from 1954. In 1956, it was formally equipped by the paratrooper units and immediately participated in the battles with the Palestinian Fedayeen in the Gaza Strip, and later shone in the Suez Crisis in the same year.

During the design process of the UZI, Uziel Gal was inspired by the German MP40 and the British Sten Gun. The simple structure, reliability, and easy production of these firearms gave him a lot of inspiration. He also borrowed from the Czech ZK-476, innovatively placing the magazine housing inside the grip, which not only made the UZI more compact but also allowed the shooter to change the magazine without needing to visually check the action. In terms of safety, it was equipped with a grip safety device similar to that of the M1911 to prevent firing due to recoil when dropped.

 The UZI features an open-bolt design and a reduced rate of fire, providing better single-shot control, which not only ensured the reliability of the firearm in deserts and other harsh environments but also enhanced its performance in combat. The UZI first deployed in battle in 1956 was equipped with a fixed wooden stock, which suffered extensive damage due to poor design. It later underwent a series of improvements to enhance structural strength, including eliminating the cleaning kit compartment, enlarging the heel of the stock, and strengthening the stock connection design.

This time, Northeast Manufacturing is launching the UZI 50 GBB equipped with the classic Type 3 stock and the iconic small handle, accompanied by a 32-round short magazine, perfectly restoring the unparalleled elegance of a generation of famous guns. This product uses Northeast's latest third-generation specialized interior, improved with CO2 technology, paired with a steel shell-covered realistic 25-round styled CO2 magazine with a capacity for 32 rounds, offering better gas efficiency and durability, ensuring a smooth gaming experience regardless of winter or summer. When you hold this gun, apart from personally feeling the exquisite craftsmanship and excellent GBB game performance that forged this gun, the perfectly exquisite appearance instantly takes you back to that legendary and tumultuous era.

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