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NORTHEAST Airsoft - (Discontinued)KWA/KSC VZ61 Velocity Up Mock Suppressor
Barrel Extensions
(Discontinued)KWA/KSC VZ61 Velocity Up Mock Suppressor
USD 76
  • NE-KWA-002
  • Accessories / Barrel Extensions
  • Weight 0.64 kg / Volumetric Weight 130 cm3
  • COLOUR:Black
  • UNIT:pcs
For KWA / KSC VZ61 GBB sub machine guns
This is Northeast Airsoft's replica of the original, classic, black suppressor for the KWA/KSC Škorpion vz. 61 submachine gun, as used by the armed forces of Czechoslovakia. Our identical replica has a Quick-Detach design with 3 chuck jaws allowing for fast attachment, and full authentic čeština marking (""NA 50m MIŘ 30cm NÍŽE"") on the bottom cap, making your KWA/KSC vz. 61 even more realistic.

This museum-grade reproduction combines the Northeast Airsoft vz. 61 Suppressor and Inner Barrel Upgrade Kit, adding a 195mm 6.03mm precision tight-bore barrel, improving accuracy and efficiently boosting velocity by 20%.

Manufactured from 100% CNC-machined 6061 Aluminium. Coated in a matte black anodized finish.

Dimensions: 42mm diameter at the thickest section.
NORTHEAST Airsoft - (Discontinued)KWA/KSC VZ61 Velocity Up Mock Suppressor