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NORTHEAST Airsoft - KWA/KSC VZ61 Mock Suppressor
Barrel Extensions
KWA/KSC VZ61 Mock Suppressor
USD 56
  • NE-KWA-001
  • Accessories / Barrel Extensions
  • Weight 0.54 kg / Volumetric Weight 130 cm3
  • COLOUR:Black
  • UNIT:pcs
Dimensions 42mm diameter at thickest.

100% CNC Machined 6061 Aluminum Construction, Matte Black Anodized Finish.

Fast-attached QD Design, User Friendly Installation or Removal.

Comfortable grip for easier control and stability, resulting in increased accuracy.

Absolutely identical appearance to the original, classic black suppressor of the submachine gun VZ61 used by the armed forces in Czechoslovakia. Full Cestina marking " NA 50m MIŘ 30cm NÍŽE " on the bottom cap and 3 chuck jaws fast-attached QD design make your
KWA/KSC VZ61 more realistic. This Czech suppressor was served in Czech and
Yugoslavian Serbian special force JSO in the cold war. The key item to make your Cold War bad guy collection even better!
For KWA / KSC VZ61 GBB sub machine guns
NORTHEAST Airsoft - KWA/KSC VZ61 Mock Suppressor